CCTV DVR Port forwarding chennai india

Port forwarding in networking is where a Network Router/Modem receives traffic on a port and then forwards it on to a system on its local network. A port is like a window, or a doorway.  It is a number.  There are 65535 potential ports available. Port forwarding, is where a rule is set into place at the router, to direct all the internet traffic that is on one port, to one specific computer/Device connected to the router.

Port Forwarding for CCTV camera DVR Systems

Almost all the CCTV Systems DVR’s nowadays has a network Ethernet port that helps cameras to be connected and remotely viewed over internet network.In order to watch CCTV stream live remotely, setting up port forwarding is necessary to route Internet traffic into your local network. [Note; If port is already open no need for port forwarding]

Watch Video to Know How Port Forwarding is Done :


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