Video Surveillance-CCTV has become a necessary investment for both home and offices in today’s world with the increase in crime rate, thefts and robbery’s .Among the past few years, the use of surveillance cameras has increased in many parts of Tamil Nadu especially in Chennai.

People have adopted advanced security measures rather than just depending on their Locks.Prices are mariginable, making this equipment more accessible to the common public. With video surveillance, people can protect their family and property. As per reports 90 percentage of burglars avoid homes with security cameras.

Difference between an Analog camera and HD IP Camera.


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  1. Analog & IP Difference
    Currently You Get a Camera & DVR Upto 2 Mega Pixel Viewing & Recording Resolution.
    To Connect all the Cameras to DVR You Want to Pull Multiple Wires to DVR
    Currently You Get a Camera & NVR Upto 12 Megapixel
    To Connect all the Cameras In between POE Switches Will Be Used at the NVR End One Cable will be Connected.

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