Matrix Telecom

Established in 1991, Matrix is a leader in Telecom and Security solutions for modern businesses and enterprises. Matrix has wide range of systems to cover small to large organisations.

Head Office : Vadodara, India

Centrex Telecom

Centrex telecom is best for analog traditional epabx systems, high quality systems at affordable cost.

Head office :  Hyderabad,India

Syntel Telecom 

Syntel Telecom is an well known brand in Indian PBX market, they have wide products from analog to digital systems

Head office : Pune, India

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  1. Raushan

    Dear Mr.Kartik,
    Can you advice me what is best as EPABX for 12 connection for commercial purpose?

    • U Karthik

      Matrix Vision Pro 412 Model is best.
      12 extensions, 4 Trunk Lines

      Note : It dont support operator console.

  2. Vky

    Hi mr kartik i want to purchase 64 ext epabx
    What is the best for me and what will be price

  3. Ramya

    which is the best epabx for 3 incoming and 12 extensions

    • U Karthik

      Matrix VisionPro 412

  4. savil mohammed

    hi Karthik,
    Here we have 23 connections and 2 trunk,. which model will you prefer for me,.
    And also need technical advice on lightning and voltage issue.

    • U Karthik

      Matrix Eternity PE6S

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